Saturday, April 29, 2006

Atmatrisha DC ! wow ! what an experience !

AT -06 and our event - DC !!!
Well ,a bit of history - our team Janta had been thru almost every other position in DC at AT - 1st yr,no qualification ,2nd yr, came 3rd,
3rd year, our dream of winning home DC came true and this year we organised it !

The organising team comprised of Aravind,Neo, Lakshmi menon(not part of team , but our DC mascot !) and yours truly. We spent quite a few
hours and weeks before the event cooking up the rounds ,the timing of these and what we are looking at in these rounds and what the
entire aim of this DC was . As the days came closer, we got a bit tense coz' all of us were busy with our internship/project and we hardly had
time to dedicate to this. But we did make some time (finally) and through the unbelievably helpful Yahoo messenger ,we had online conferences and
managed to get the contents together. The prelims chits were set in class yesterday(27th) !!! (tho, we had the list of movies ,personalities and words the
challenge was to actually put them together so that the right amount of toughness was incorporated in all of them . And after the prelims were over
today, only 2 teams cracked all 3 and the fundae which we put with respect to giving stars to the contents worked in our favour.)
Well , about the prelims itself. After finding out that the venue allocated to us does not exist (Can u believe that !!!) , we found ourselves an alternative
venue and set up whatever was required . The MCA seminar hall was an ideal place as the capacity was around 100. the hall was full !!
We started pretty promptly and the prelims went on for a solid 2 hours ! the 1st 5 teams did not get ANYTHING ! and that sent shivers down the
spines of many of us .We were left wondering as to what to do ,if we were stuck with ties on 0 !!! (Nightmare ! ). But as it proceeded ,both
the popularity and the team quality improved and we were more than happy when there were loud cheers from the audiences for every movie/personality/word
that the teams cracked !!! I was incharge of calling up the teams and announcing the rules and interacting with the teams which led to me losing my voice :( :( , neo did the observing and clarifying work(+ the job of timing ) and Aravind(co-hosted in finals) and lakshmi
did the really tough and arduos task of timing and scoring. The prelims ended with 6 teams - 2 each from PESIT , RV and MSRIT going thru to the finals !

The finals was an absolute roller coaster !!! everything went pretty smoothly till the 4th round .5th and 6th,when the ugly head of controversies - something that not many people like -
popped up and it was an "iffy" situation.

The rounds were really crazy and people had to go thru hazaaaaaaaaar pain to finally win it !

"Reverse Swing" was about acting with your back turned towards your team mates, whereas "Dream Theme" was enacting entities related to a particular theme(eg : Mahabharata)
with the hitch being that some other team picks the theme for current team. "Juke and box" was a corny mix of single and group songs and artists , through a
mirror and max of 3 guessses. "Bread and butter" was all about rigorous hard core DC ,"crazy sentences" were as crazy as they could get !!!! Finally, we had the
round 3rd degree where people from different teams were put together. A few teams suffered coz' of this and they came back with strong words after that.

We had to apologise to the teams as Christian was allowed to be acted separately as part of Christian Kleen !!! the furore came to an end with an apology from our side.
One of the rare mistakes in a final which was well and truly memorable . The final round was a bit unfair and we could have probably had the round earlier ,but what we had planned it this way and this way
it had to be ! So apart from a few controversies , everything went on fine . As one of the participants aptly put it - " Dude, i lost atleast half a kg by
the end of this DC !"Some other teams told us that the range that we covered was commendable and they flicked our chits ! It was a wonderful event with full of interesting,hilarious, desperate,ecstatic ,controversial and enthu moments and it was a joy ! We got
compliments from many people for this and JANTA is indeed proud of conducting this event. It was a great farewell to our pet event.Maybe,just maybe we should have participated ! but then the standard wouldn't have been as good as it was !!! Well ,everything
has a positive and a negative ! ain't it ?

Long live Janta.