Wednesday, August 01, 2007

TV reality shows

Since I have been taking a look at crazy number of reality shows both in India and Oz, I thought this topic really deserved atleast some modicum of space in my blog.

Why are reality shows in the market ? Coz' people are sick of daily Saas-bahu serials. But what is the result of one Reality show in the market ? Other channels want to compete and come up with other reality shows at about the same time on the same day. A great example of this right now is Indian Idol , Sa re ga ma pa and Voice of India. If I am home and end up changing channels, what do I see ? Sony TV - a "janta ka pujari" judge going crazy , Zee TV -
one of the judges talking about "Roti chahiye" and how the TRPs are kicking everything else on show and go to Star Plus , on VOI - which I fear has led to judges losing complete credibility with multiple judges standing up and shouting at each other ! Its ridiculous to say the least !!! But being a ardent fan of Sa re ga ma from early days, I prefer it as the singers atleast are really good!!

Well I thought things might change in Oz land. Here, I realised that there are more reality shows than one can remember in a week - more range , more variety and more spice !!! But I must agree, they are done more professionally and pay more respect to whats happening in the show.

The one thing that is common in all these are w.r.t the participant who loses or is eliminated during that week. Every possible thing is done in order to make that person cry and even faint in the studio at times. Occasional pledges and life history adds to the so called spice ! I agree that people want to see real things, but at times it seems so theatrical, your like -"Ah, come on !! Thats enough ! "

The next thing thats also common is the voting with general reminders from the hosts saying, if you dont vote, your favourite contestant will be eliminated !! Come on , how much can one guy vote ? If a person say watches 2 reality shows and likes 3 contestants each and since these messages are so costly -( 3 rupees per message ) , by the time you vote for one show and receive a very nice "thank you" message , your already thinking of your cell phone bill. And the next thing thats common is the decision of the judges in many of these shows over public voting . If their contestant doesnt get eliminated, things are hunky-dory else angry rants like public cant vote , they cant decide blah blah if thats the case Sir/Madam , who asked you to keep public voting !!! Please remember not everyone is so rich to keep voting !

Well just to end this, you might or might not want to start watching a reality show on TV , but if you really want to, just choose one and if you want to vote, my sincere suggestion, for the sake of money, just support one contestant and anyways, dont vote too much and never feel guilty if your favourite contestant is knocked out !