Monday, November 12, 2007

My performance on Family day!

This was my performance a few days back . It was alrite, nothing too great but felt good singing in front of a huge crowd !! Please leave all your comments and criticisms so that I can work on it !Thanks to Aditya for playing the guitar !

Sunday, November 04, 2007


A week back, I read a post on the Baldwins orkut community, where Ajay,an old boy had written about a Baldwins reunion(both boys' and girls') that was going to take place on the 3rd of Nov. I suddenly remembered Kaushik telling me about such a thing taking place last year in Leela.This year it was in some unheard of place called Evoma. Since Mr Mohan Murthy also had just passed away, I really felt that we should somehow go there this year. Using the conference facility on the phone, I got around 6 of my best friends online and they were all very happy to respond positively to the idea and soon came Nov 3rd evening, when we landed up in Evoma after a long 2.5 hr drive(on lovely Bangalore roads, if I may add!) from Mysore road. 5 of us made it , Prashant Baliga, Kaushik S,Sharath "cow" Krishnan, Abhishek SR and yours truly.

We were right on time for the schools' songs! For the first time, all of us sang the Baldwin girls' school song and I was pleasantly surprised that the song was the same that I sang in Bishop Cottons ! The first verse of the girls' school song is the same as the Founder's hymn of Cottons! But anyways, the meaning of the song was lovely and then we proceeded to sing the school song of Baldwin Boys' high school. As we sang "Shout all hail for Baldwin high school" , we all felt really proud and there was this really good feeling. I was very excited to sing the song!

There were loads of people and the crowd kept building up inspite of the location of the hotel. There were proud Baldwinians (boys' and girls') from the 50s to the 2000s and it was great fun seeing, specially some of the real oldies !

After some tributes from some of the senior folks, one of them being the dashing,all white hair,tall, thin Air Commodore Ali with whom we had spoken on the phone, the dance floor as well as the bar opened up! The ball room dance was inagurated by a 1960s couple if I am right and it was a pleasure to watch them . Soon, Baliga joined in and at the end of the evening he almost was crowned as the "all generations" dancer as he shook a leg with a lady from the 1952 batch,56 batch, 63/64 batch, one of the 80s batch, one 90s and one 2000s batch ! We really wanted to make an announcement and find out whether there was someone from the 1970s out there !!!

A hilarious chat followed with Mr John Wesley, who taught us kannada ! We all fondly remembered how we used to love all the "masala" he used to add to all the stories ! Kaushik and I went on alternatively naming the stories and the books and he was all impressed, I must say !!!!

I completely forgot !!! COW !! I could never imagine Cow aka Sharath, dressing up the way he did yesterday! He actually went and bought an odd coat in the morning and was dressed very neatly for the evening occasion. These are far from the days he used to wear the same old Red striped shirt !! Gosh ! TCS has indeed changed him !

An even more hilarious conversation with Mr Danny Soanes followed, which also resulted in me having Red bull ! Since by then, the floor had opened up for free dancing ,we all went in there and since I cant dance for nuts, I just thought I will try my best to put in some energy and try to shake a leg or two. Few mins later, my friends concluded that I was high on Red Bull and one of them was wondering how much I drank!!! In all this josh, my specs landed on the floor with a bang and the glasses also splattered all over the floor ! But leaving that glitch, the dancing part was real good fun. Abhi and I danced the most while the remaining three took my case a bit later!!

Dancing , Dancing and eating and ragging later, we finally left that place with the thought of going again next year and also attending this year's sports in Dec ( Dec 15 to be precise! ). One of the highlights was the happy face of Mr Dinakar Wilson, the current principle who was so happy to share the 100% results in Baldwins after ages.

All in all, a total fun evening and we all had a kickass time ! Thanks to all the folks who turned up! And hope to meet more next year!