Monday, October 12, 2009

Movie of the year - Inglorious B*******

I belong to the breed of moviegoers who come out talking about the negatives of the movie and initially focus on all the not so good things of the movie and then look at the positives(if any). In most cases I find the first bucket completely outweighing the second . Rarely have I come across a scenario thats the reverse and today was one of those rare , extremely rare occasions .

Ladies and Gentlemen - Quentin Tarantino it is ,yet again, making a Tarantinoesque ( next word in Oxford ? ) movie titled "Inglorious B*******" and is it glorious or what ! I won't give away the story here as I would be doing gross injustice to anyone who wants to watch it and hey, every movie fan should and must watch magic - Tarantino style!

Like Kill Bill, this movie is in the form of chapters , like Reservoir dogs and Pulp fiction , this movie is taut and slick and I don't care whether the Oscars are awarded to this movie or not!

Seldom do I go to a night show, infact I remember doing this only a couple of times and seldom is the hall full and seldom does the audience start clapping very very enthusiastically at 12am after the movie is over. The stunned and "Oh my god" expression on the audience faces' once the lights came on spoke volumes about this experience.

You might wonder whether this is an English movie since there are subtitles throughout with german/french/italian , all being spoken at different times but the man keeps it all together leading to a fantastic climax. Acting is top notch with Brad Pitt's strong southern accent matching the Christoph Waltz' ( Hans') spine chilling act and the steely determination of Melanie Laurent. Screenplay is fabulous and the eye for detail is amazing.

All in all , more than Paisa Vasool. Fabulous movie. Fantastic acting. Terrific direction . Quentin Tarantino....

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Iktara iktara...

Of all the new songs that have come out, the one song that has mesmerized me completely is this song "Iktara" sung by Kavita Seth for "Wake up Sid". Its in the sufi genre and her deep voice adds charm to this excellent composition by Amit Trivedi. ( remember Dev D ?) . You can catch a clip of that right here!