Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - Another year passes by !!!

2010 Dec 31 - Apart from being my cousin's and friend's birthday, this date signals the ending of a complete year according to the Gregorian calendar. You want to know about the Gregorian calendar ? (I knew it!) This is unfortunately not the place for that. Wiki it out my friends , wiki it! (And hey, in the new year,please contribute to the Wikipedia cause too!)

This year has been truly memorable for various reasons and I will list a few salient features of the past year:

1. 2 Job Changes - Ah ha, well I didn't plan this out but people/situations/challenges bombarded me and ding , I changed two jobs! As of this moment, I am jobless but had truly crazy, amazing moments with both the jobs. Without naming companies, I was able to change my domain from A to B , with strong backing of A and lot of learning in B. You want to know what I learnt from this ? Well, don't get stuck with the same thing . IF you are bored, just get a new job !( This specially applies to the Indian market right now as there are tens and thousands of jobs coz' of the truly dynamic economy. Do you want to know if India is the place to be in ? Oh Hell Yeah!)

2. New places - Well I saw 4 new cities and 5 airports this year. That summarizes my traveling for the year. Hyderabad - the Nizam capital, was a wonderfully different experience ( See my Taj Mahal Post) and totally loved the place.Had a fantastic time with friends(Bha and Bha) and cousins there ,ate super hot biryanis, had wonderful filter coffee, saw tons of movies at cheaper prices and in general, learnt a lot !
Riyadh was the 2nd city and man, that was SOME experience. IF you want to make money, thats THE place without a doubt. I will remain silent about other aspects. Jeddah on the other hand , which as you might have guessed , was the 3rd city and located along the sea, is beautiful and chilled out comparitively!( If you know what I mean!) Last but not the least, I saw Kolkata and I love the place for Mishti doi, Rasagullas and this breakfast place Flurrys!

3. Cousins Bonding - This definitely was the year where I spent maximum time with my cousins. Partied with them, played with them, cracked jokes with them etc etc.

Played tons(literally!) of TT games with my 18 year old Hyderabadi cousin and he wants to beat me black and blue in the new year (didn't happen this year). His golden words in 2 separate meetings were - "There is a generation gap between you and me!" and "Till now I just knew a cousin with your name existed. Now I have evidence!".

Realized that my Pizza hut salesman cousin ( Ah , if you need pizzas , let me know, I will redirect you to him!) and I rank among the worst PJ crackers on earth and also saw "you know what" in the theater this year. Ah ha,"you know what" doesn't refer to the Potter movie!

My other Engg. cousin gave me tons of tips on building bodies and man, the biggest compliment I have got this year is that I have put on weight!( The other compliment was that my hindi has improved!)

4. Facebook - One of my new year resolutions for 2011 is to get out of this Facebook addiction. I must have taken innumerable quizzes , played tons of games, "liked" tons of posts and pictures, commented on a zillion more, got predictions about killing my cousins and cousin's friend, joined a group called "ganchali bidu kannada mathadu" , put up statuses , checked for cool updates and to top it all, watched even a movie on that ( which I think is totally hyped. Its good but not that great!)

5. Dance - Danced multiple times this year in my own inimitable "jumping" style at a wedding , a couple of times in Hint where I saw my family's answer to Malaika Arora and once during a friends' get together party. Felt happy that my cousins are as pathetic as I am on the dance floor! However, never get tired of hearing "Munni" or "Sheela" !!! That just means I would like to dance more but probably in a structurally better manner.

Well well , on that optimistic note, wish you all a fabulous and fantastic new year ahead. May you all enjoy the best of health, wealth and spirits( this strictly doesn't mean just booz!).


Sunday, December 19, 2010

My good samaritan act...

This happened a couple of months back in another country ....I had written it then and I will do a Ctrl C Ctrl V here.
Last evening I had to go to this place to quickly pick up something and so took a taxi and went ... i was greeted by a dark guy who knew some english words and arabic and somehow he asked me where I was from . I then found out that he was from Sudan and with great difficulty he told me he had been here for 12 years. By the way most taxi drivers are from India/Pakistan and they talk to you with so much of warmth ,especially the pakistani drivers. So going back to that story, as we trudged along the wide but absolutely crowded Wed night streets ( Wed night has max traffic , its like Fri evening in India ), he suddenly started singing "pardesi pardesi jana nahin" . I was like open mouthed and absolutely surprised and he suddenly said "aamir khan" /"karishma kapoor" and said "i like i like" ... since he found some encouragement with me congratulating him , he went on an absolute spree - sang a Sunil Shetty song next from Rakshak (of all people sunil shetty!! and i didn't even know this movie ) ,muqala muqabla oh laila was his next and he asked me who that hero with the beard was...then sang some akshay kumar song and then he mentioned shah rukh khan and said "kola kolia " and i said "koyla" and he said yes and gave me a high five!

By this time we had reached this place and I was totally entertained by his antics and asked him if he will drop me back to the hotel . He readily nodded and it took me 10 mins to get back and what do i see? There is this policeman who has stopped by and given him a chit and he had to pay 100 Riyal which is pretty expensive...Drive till there was 20 Riyal and then he asked me to sit in the car and he was so depressed . I felt really bad for this guy and he kept looking at the chit every now and then , nodding his head in absolute frustration . Finally when we reached the hotel , i gave him 100 riyal( I had to pay him 25 ) and asked him to keep it . He held my hands and said "thank you thank you" and immediately gave me his number and said "call , 30 min i come here " with loads of arabic in between and at that time did I get to know that my friend's name was Ahmed. What started off as a small ride ended with me losing a lot more money but making this person really happy.As I walked back was just reminded of "pardesi pardesi jana nahin"....