Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A joke worth a Coke ?

Before i go ahead with my blog story of Copenhagen , I wanted to share a "pathetic" joke.

A friend and colleague Aditya and I were having some technical discussion and at the end of it , the following ensued:

Aditya: no more comments from u/
i thought u ll fire in a few more of them
me: am not a fire engine

Well , he wanted to punch me but I guess this is one of my better lines in the last several months . Hence blogging about it !

Just when I finished that, another friend said , "hey, am headed out" .

Me : "Unfortunate that you missed the goal " ( " Headed out " !) .

Ppl say that Pun is the cheapest form of humour and my level falls in that unfortunately !!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Copenhagen Visit

Sunday it was and i moved out early from my dear village and caught the first train available. The air was chilly and was snowing. (Well, 1 week and I was accustomed to it ! No longer surprised). The train journey was a bit chaotic owing to the fact that there were tons of people travelling with their luggages strewn all over. I made a mistake by going to the Copenhagen Airport coz' later I discovered I could have bought 2 tickets - one to go to the last stop in Sweden and then board another train to Copenhagen city. Blimey! This would have saved some time!

A big Latte, a to and fro ticket from the Copenhagen airport and a quick 10 min journey to the city on a Sunday was refreshing to say the least! Armed with jackets, a monkey cap and gloves, I stepped into the lovely city of Copenhagen. The atmosphere around reminded me of a really old city that takes pride in the architecture and designs. I had chalked out a plan about what I wanted to see at this place and to my dismay, found that one of the main tourist destinations was undergoing construction ! Well, it doesn't happen just in India :)

I have found this new found passion for walking along streets with a camera in my hand just to take a quick pic if I find anything interesting. Again , I was disappointed coz' most of the shops were closed coz' it was a Sunday. Hoping that my plan of going there wasn't all spoilt, I spoke to a couple of Arabs who have been there and they found it really funny that some guy was going around the city in that cold weather. But but but , they were really helpful and told me what would be open! I headed back to the train station and had 2 options - Find something more useful or get into a train and go to the next stop where there was apparently a museum!

I opted for the former and guess what ? The Taxi driver turned out to be an old Indian man. He was drunk though but did enough to drive me to Nyw Haven( wrong spelling but don't mind!) - from where a canal tour was about to start . I found this in the nick of time from the map and was obviously thrilled ! What better than to go on a Canal tour in a port city !

The canal tour had loads of tourists and the trip was fantastic! Saw various boats and ships that were used in their old times, saw their Opera house, the Little Mermaid , the Copper house, their flag, loads of museums and finally lovely churches - beautiful architecture all around. Believe me , it was freakin cold in the ship but hey, how often do I get to see all this!

To be continued

Älmhult(pronouncedElmhult) experience

Following are my thoughts/experiences in a place called Älmhult in Sweden . This first one is about my arrival in Älmhult.

What an eventful first day in Europe ! Well after what I thought was a really long flight to Paris (close to 11 hrs from Blore, have been in longer flights before but i guess it was after a long time and hence felt weird!) , we were not allowed to get down from the plane coz' ppl were busy trying to clean up the ground coz' it had snowed in Paris, the previous night. After what seemed like an eternally long delay, we got down and i saw one of the most confusing yet cool airports. Confusing coz' there are way too many terminals and cool , coz' the design of the airport is such that ppl landing out of flights and ppl chking in the same area .... Something that is uncommon.

The next flight was pretty much normal and short ...close to 2 hr flight to Copenhagen . Only interesting aspect was that I didn't get any veg food in the flight apart from some juice and bread and that added to the hunger. I thought the interesting parts of the journey were complete without knowing that the most interesting part was just about to start !

The next one was a 100 min train from Copenhagen to Almhult and man, was it an amazing train journey. The train kept going from one place to the other and even backtracked with instructions like "train will change track to this , train will change track to that " . I must have seen a couple of places atleast twice . Also, the speed of the train was something amazing to experience .Reminded me of Sydney but this was superior by a long way ( that was coz' of the distance ..this was inter-city whereas that was just within sydney). At 5.01pm ( yes , its 5.01 and not 5.02 or 5.00) , it landed there and i froze more than i ever did in my entire life.

The place was filled with snow.(pics to follow soon!) 1st time in my life had i seen actual snow all over and that too covering a real large area .....a super sight . After quickly wearing the new overcoat that i bought just before I left( thankfully) , i proceeded to figure out where this hotel was . At that time, i could hear familiar sound of tamil and found that our indian population came to my rescue here as well ! 3 wiproites who are working here for the same customer , talking in tamil walked past and that was enough for me to enquire about the hotel .

They gave me some instructions and asked me about my journey and why i was there etc and went away. As I walked on those slippery roads at one point of time, i completely lost balance and fell on the road to the joy/glee of a guy in the car who was on the . Quickly figured out that the funda is to walk with small,short steps without a trace of dragging your step and thankfully didnt slip again!

Was blissfully thankful to find the room and man, the room looked like a hostel room but very well furnished . This is surely the smallest hotel room i have ever stayed in .

There is a window and a door that leads me out to a common lawn shared by other rooms and guess what? Its freezing out there and its filled with snow ! The lady at the reception told me to wait for a few days to see 100% snow as this was a mixture of snow and rain .

Well, i then enquired what i should do about food and she said the restaurant was closed but i can use the microwave oven. MTR came to my rescue here and the couple of packets i had taken along with a kitkat made sure that i had enough to eat for now and wait for hopefully sunny skies on the morrow.