Monday, September 21, 2009

An award - WOW !!!

I have been out in the cold ( not weather wise ;) ) coz' of typhoid initially which kept me out throughout July ( celebrated my 25th birthday on bed!) and then been catching up with work and trying to put on weight! As I was getting out of the rough weather, the weather itself slowly turning out to be rough.... Its been raining crazily in Bangalore , great weather but loads of people falling sick coz' of it . God bless all...

The reason for me to write this entry is to express myself at having won an award for "Best Customer Delivery" in the last quarter's all hands that was held recently. This is what anyone does in Services - serve the customer - be it if you're in a Services company or a hotel waiter or a music director trying to churn out zingy tunes for the listener. To be awarded in this category was indeed very special.

The experience was interesting ...I was working from home that Monday afternoon when I dialed into the All hands call. 30 mins passed by with different sort of updates/ plans / what we have to do blah blah and then the awards section kicked in. Previously, I had been nominated in "Emerging Star" , "Innovation" categories and had gotten so used to not getting the award that this time as well when I saw my nomination , I was going to write to my manager asking me not to me for anything.

The director read out the nominations and then as the Power point slide slowly switched to the next slide and the director said " and the award goes to " , I didn't want to get disappointed like earlier times and as a result had no expectations . But then he said "Madhu M " and the slide had my name and why I had won the award . WO HO HO .It felt really kickass didn't feel out of the world but felt good!

Instantly had quite a few messages from my friends on the chat tool congratulating me and over emails. It felt wonderful . A unique compliment was from a friend who said his belief in the reward system was restored coz' someone like me had won this award.

Thank you! This probably means that I should work harder on the not so bright side of it (;) )...