Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out of comfort Zone.

My new mantra for anyone and everyone in life( starting from myself) is this : Challenge yourself at all times by making sure you tread on the path which is "Out of your Comfort zone" . I am trying to follow this , but its human tendency that a person sticks to what he/she is comfortable with rather than go out and try and master something new. Its at that point, where you need some kind of a trigger that will help you else even if you think that you will go and do something different , it just won't happen.

I am not saying this just to make a point that this in a way contradicts what an expert is all about . But I am trying to highlight the point that its always great and maybe necessary ( depending on the person) to master something - be it your hobby, or a habit or a technology or a tool or a course - but for a person to grow in terms of Life itself , I think its very important to keep asking yourself "Hey, whats next ? " !! Opinions are opinions , thoughts are thoughts . The above were some of my thoughts.

Coincidentally, this is also Steve Waugh's autobiography's name , someone who epitomizes being out of comfort zone though many people would still say he had mastered the art of always getting Aussies out of the dumps . Hmmph!! Well, but every situation in his case was different. Its also a fact that I have not that green big fat book of his to come up with these thoughts.

Also, since I have been giving too much gyaan to different people in recent times, this was another of my gyaan sessions . As I told someone , giving gyaan is almost part of my DNA . But then again ,I agree with Shakespeare that "Teaching people to do a task is simpler than to try and do the same task yourself" . Well well well, I shall surely give it a shot .......