Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 2009

After an unusually long hiatus guess whose back - ah , its me again. I shall take an oath as well which is that i promise not to crack pjs in this blog.
Well, i just lost the passion to write for a few months and then suddenly, there was a sensation that made me write this. What have i done in the last few months ? I certainly haven't travelled which reminds me that I forgot to complete part 2 of that trip. Just to cut that short, while coming back, I missed my flight ( I think this was destiny!) and as a result got a night out at Paris( Blimey, Paris !!!) .
The only mistake I made was to go around with this annoying Indian guy who was freaking self obsessed and just wanted to be shot (may i add, with the camera!). Leaving that apart , I must say, Paris is probably the most beautiful place I have seen. Its rocking and it stands for all the wonderful things anyone can ever dream of - beautiful places( you can omit the under ground stations in this category!) , awesome buildings none better than the magical Eiffel , fantastic fashion sense , kickass subways, brilliant roadside eats and terrific weather ( atleast when i was there! it was 4degrees celsius!) . Though this trip also resulted in me missing my friend's engagement. Well, there has to be a compromise somewhere na ?
I was hooked onto the IPL the past month or so till it got over, supporting namma bevdaas till the end and they happily messed it up . Nadal lost which broke my heart and then Federer won and cried and was hailed the greatest ever . Come Wimbledon with no Nadal and we are in for a teary final yet again ! Nooooooo not again, Murray - come on !
Did i hear someone say "What else ??" Ok , let me think .
Oh yes, we also played a cricket tournament and lost all the games . This was even after we paid 8k from our pockets to play the tournament - Shame shame .
"and then ??"
Hmmm, after a long time, I somehow feel like reading a book or books and I just bought a book called "Six graves of munich" from the great Mario Puzo . Hope its a good read .
"dude, no movies? " - The only thing I have seen that is worth seeing is "Angels and demons" and this was infinitely better than Da vinci code and hey hey, have watched almost an entire season of the most amazing TV show ever - Crystal maze !! Do you all remember how awesome a show that was ? Solving interesting games and getting a super crystal at the end of it all ? Trust me ,its worth watching all over again..... And yes, Prison Break has ended . What happens at the end ? Its a happy ending and they killed the hero as a result of which there can't be sequels or new challenges in that show until the hero's kid grows up :D.

Last thing - India sucked bigtime last night at the world cup. I think they all need a big break. Fatigue has overtaken them and I have got tired of watching cricket ..... WImbledon, come fast....