Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cricket matches !

Well, I have been having a good December in terms of physical activity. Got to participate in 4 cricket matches for the Company team ( out of which we got a walkover in one of them) . I was the captain of the side due to the absence of a few folks and I have a killer record so far - something any captain might envy !! 3-1 - where 3 indicates the no of LOSSES and 1 indicates the sole win due to a walkover !

You might say this sucks . But the fact of the matter is, we have a team thats still coming together and considering that , I think its alright. However, I definitely am irritated that we lost all 3. Got to understand a few things :
1. Physical fitness sucks ! Not only mine , but pretty much the entire team.
2. Bowling in the nets is different from bowling in the match.
3. Fielding sucks again . But we have been improving !
4. Bowling has lots and lots of potential but definitely we never play to our complete potential sadly. Though today we had a really good bowling performance , that brings me to batting. Our batting sucks but as I said we are a developing team .

I got to understand a few things about myself. I am really passionate on the field and want my team to perform well . Also, even if I get injured, I swear and live by the team during the match. I try to lead the team from the front. These are some of the positives.

The things that I need to work on is to stay calmer during times when things are not going our way. Also , I really get pissed off when someone is not putting in the required effort and hence, the challenge is to keep the player constantly motivated and urge him to give it his best shot .

Today, somehow though our batting wasn't that great , we put in a dedicated effort with the ball and on the field. Hence, not as irritated. Well, I still think I will get one more shot at captaincy unless many people tell me I suck !!! So hope things turn out for the better soon , during the next tournament.

To my team - Play with a passion thats unmatched , Play with a positive mindset to win the game, Play with an enthusiasm thats infectious and finally, Play and enjoy what your playing !!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thought of Dumb Charades !

Well, known as Janta in college to most of the other teams in college and in other fests, once we left college there has hardly been any DCs where all three of us have taken part together - Aravind, Narayan and I . There have been a couple of stray DC competitions where the missing person/persons were definitely missed and thoughts such as "Damn , he would have got this in 5 secs" or "Crap, I cant believe that he still cannot understand what I am doing , if only this guy was there .... " , but all that seems to be ending right now !!

As I heard around 20 mins back , there is a DC competition in the well known public place in Koramangala - Brew Haha this Sunday and man, are we all excited !! Just the thought of coming together and acting Dumb is enough to get the adrenalin pumping !! Using the good old codes, some of which one/two/or even all of us might have forgotten , blabbering at a break neck speed, thinking of loopholes in the rules of the game or even preparing in the last minute as the round is announced and last but not the least, going on stage when the name "Janta" is called out ,is a feeling thats unmatched !!!!

Cant wait for it . Hope its in the afternoon, as we might have a cricket match in the morning to play!! Whatever it is , Go Janta Go !!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Part 2 of the Trip

( For part 1 of the trip , read the post just below this one )

The next day I had breakfast with my multi talented , multilingual Project manager. This person is one active , hyper enthusiastic person ( I at times, look pale in comparison !) and can speak loads of languages and has lots of experience in South American countries ! Some of the languages he speakes include English ( duh! obvious :P ), Spanish ( alright), Italian , German and French !

The trip was really short to visit any actual monument or something of that sort, but we did visit , what I thought were really HIP malls ! My project manager dismissed it saying its nothing compared to any of the US malls !

A few things about Caracas :

1. Wonderful place , with mountains at the backdrop.
2. Traffic is as bad, at times worse than Bangalore.
3. Forget about surviving in Caracas without knowing Spanish! Gracias!
4. Politically, its very tricky . Let me not go into that.
5. Everyone seems to be so amazingly good looking . I have been telling so many people that Miss Venezuela would anyday be a tougher competition than Miss world .
6. People are hospitable but your not advised to go out alone if your not a local.
7. Vegetarians dont have too many options but you can eat something definitely.
8. The five star hotel was more like 2 or 3 star hotel.
9. People are extremely conscious about what they speak in public due to the situation there right now.
10. As Venezuela is a big exporter of Petroleum, the petrol price is really really cheap !!
11. Definitely worth a visit without an inkling of doubt.

My 3 days were over and soon it was time to head back .

Flight 4 : Alitalia again to Milan ! I have not sat in any flight where I experienced so much turbulence. It was extremely scary and i was just praying throughout the journey. Well, I seriously am shit scared of turbulence!

Flight 5 : From Milan to Mumbai. I got some company in this flight in the form of a lawyer from Mumbai who had won a Ten sports contest to watch a UEFA champions league match in Milan. She was super excited and I got a good overview of what to expect in Milan .
First time, i had met a winner of this sort !

Flight 6 : I was extremely tired by this time after having sat in consecutive flights. However, the last flight was highly adventurous ! The flight was a Jet aircraft that housed 50 people and the departure time was 3.30 am. Soon the flight took off, but then destiny had its own ideas. The captain announced that due to weather issues we had to return back to Mumbai.
As soon as we landed ,there were quite a few engineers who came to rectify the situation and after a chaotic time , finally we were asked to take another flight. We were all sure it was a technical snag but they didn't want to let us know maybe coz' we would panic! Finally, we boarded the flight at 6.15am and I was ecstatic amidst all my exhaustion by the time we landed in Bangalore close to 8.30am !
The funny part was there was another scheduled flight from Mumbai ( Jet again ) at 6.40 am and this flight also landed at around the same time we landed !

Anyways, all's well that ends well . But it was definitely one trip that was really short and filled with loads of incidents. More than happy to be back here safe and sound !

God bless. Amen .

Gracias ! Porfavore ! Agua ! - Part 1

As I embarked on a series of flights to Caracas( Venezuela), I was just hoping that the really short trip goes well.

Since I got to sit in 6 flights in 6 days, I was hoping that my travel as well would be good and uneventful. Let me describe the whole experience !!

Flight 1 : Bangalore to Mumbai - 90 mins - short and sweet. Never really realised how quickly the time passed by !! Good starting signs !

Mumbai has two of the most remarkable airports I have seen. What strikes me about the domestic airport is that its spick and span and its huge compared to some of the other domestic airports I have had the chance to see . ( Dont even think about the Bangalore airport !!)

The international airport is a really busy one as well and the service is very good and so is the speed at which things are done . At the immigration counter, they have 40 counters and one chap who directs you to which counter you should go !! Its incredibly fast . People are done with their immigration checks within a few mins , much much much ( much cube !) faster than say Heathrow or Sydney international airport !

However, there should definitely be a glitch somewhere right ? The inter airport shuttle sucks. Too many people and they are expected to stand in long lines ( one long line ! and I dont know how they can't/didn't apply the same logic of multiple servers for a single line like the other counters !! )

High time I move onto my next flight :

Flight 2 : Alitalia carrier from Mumbai to Milan . 9 hours or so. A highly uneventful flight as I was asleep for easily around 7-8 hours of the trip. Anyways, the concept of inflight entertainment is 100 years behind the current generation airlines !! Thankfully I didn't realise this on this flight !! Milan has a more traditional airport if I may say so but definitely matches upto international standards. What strikes you are the number of shops which
have the most expensive branded showrooms ! Well it was only then did I realise that Milan is pretty much the fashion capital of the world and hence the case !

Flight 3 : Alitalia again ( as it doesn't need to have transit visas !) but this time a 10.5 hour flight to Caracas. This journey made me realise the pain of travelling ! Firstly, I had a tetanus on my back a day back which began to pain , Secondly, the entertainment system wasn't great ( I fully realised it in this flight!), Thirdly, the turbulence was really high at times which did not exactly allow the passengers to peacefully sleep. There was one occasion where the flight shook and the height lowered and people in the flight , yelled out in anguish and shock .

The look on the old Arab lady on my left pretty much summarized the thoughts in the flight !

After a long arduos journey , during the course of which I felt this flight was going on and on and on , we finally landed to a thunderous applause from all the passengers !!

A painfully long immigration check later I landed up in a five star hotel in a taxi with a guy who did not know English ! I ofcourse did not know Spanish. We concluded that we were better off without communicating !!

Tired and feeling the pain of travelling so long, I crashed after a quick dinner ! More of Venezuela and the its beauty in part 2 !