Sunday, January 06, 2008

Year's first post

As people get back to work this week after a nice long end of year/beginning of new year celebrations i wonder what some of the resolutions can be. People might want to do better at work , quit smoking tor drinking, might want to spend more time with their families,gamble less, or try not to lie, try and get married etc. There are way too many of these resolutions that if I go on listing either I will get bored writing them or even the potential readers will stop reading !

I occasionally ask myself , what is it about the new year that makes people view it so differently ? There are many views. Some people might want to restart their lives or whatever they have been doing and might want to start something totally new. Some people might want to do things in a different way. Hello, they could have done it some other time as well but why choose 1st Jan or beginning of Jan ? I did realise that much of it has to do with the thinking.

A person might always want to see newer things(who doesn't like doing or getting new things ? ) and it is this passion towards something new that makes them do things with a zeal that you can probably call the "new year zeal" as it just comes once a year ! If people have a fetish towards all things new( in general) , then my strong suggestion would be to view each day of their lives as a day thats new , as a day that can change their lives, as a day they can make their dreams come true or make a stronger attempt to make the dream come true . People don't often pay attention to the change in the date as it keeps changing but when your changing a number in the year column, people suddenly look back and say, "wow! its a new year" ! That brings me to another topic .

The number thats added to the year column matters even more because people now begin to also think in some remote corner of their mind that they will be older as well by a year ! As such, no one damn it bothers about being a day older or even a month older but a year older ...hmmm... Nahinnnnn !!

Well, that brings me almost to the end of this blog entry. I started off this entry thinking of something but ended up with something else. But I stick by what I say. People have a problem in general when they look at small things, but when they look at a big picture , they somehow exude more confidence coz' the picture is big , probably a 1000 feet level view and they still aren't involved in it ! As my friend recently said , "Watching/reading about other doing physics is easy, but if you yourself are trying to create physics, then that is a real challenge". I would complete by saying/advising/lecturing ( this is a message to me as well), ------ Happy new year and hope you see the world in a different way and hope you can manage your world better and better drill down to the details and micro manage than be happy and content with a 1000 ft view !

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