Monday, December 01, 2008

Will I stay alive to see another day?

After the recent blasts in Mumbai, in the last few days, I have not had too much guts to go out to places that are thronged all the time and I think thats' been the case with most people. Now, its a different thing that I would surely go probably after a few days, but somewhere in my mind ,there would be a lingering thought - Will I come back alive ? When I spoke about this to a few friends of mine , they seemed to agree without any qualms.
I happened to be in Hint, one of the popular pubs in the past few days after the blast, and guess what ? There were 6 people at 9 pm in the night and the attender said that they would close shop at 10pm and go out. This is the same freaking place where you can't step in on most of the days - weekdays/weekends.
After the first blast early this year, public was angry and they spoke about the "spirit" of the city. The Govt came in , consoled people , pledged to fight against terrorism . But hey, soon there was another blast in another city . Reactions - ? Ditto . People were still "asking"/"hoping" for better security. But after the blast on 26/11, people have had enough of that. Even the elite society has now woken up . The reactions have been strong and people are demanding security from the Govt or saying that they won't vote. With Elections just 5 months away, the Govt is rolling a few heads ( All this time , nothing of that sort happened), the Opposition is basking in the glory and hoping that this would be their primary election strategy.
On one of the news channels, I heard a politician say : "See what happened at the Parliament. They attacked it once and then we fortified it to such an extent that the same terrorists will have to think 10 times before they think of attacking Parliament." . A member of the aam janta, who was also there said : "If you can fortify the Parliament after just one attack(where no person died and remember there was a political consensus on that !!!), why can't you people fortify or atleast improve the security in the city". Time was up and the politician was stunned . Program ended.
I ain't saying that politicians shouldn't make money , let them make tons of it , but do your freaking job atleast ! The Ex-deputy chief minister of Maharashtra(he resigned this morning since his "conscience" told him last night to do so this morning ! Last evening he had said that there was no question of him resigning!!) said a couple of days back that a "Small thing" like this keeps happening in such big cities. The first thing I wanted to tell that incompetent fool - "If out of the 200 people ,even if 4-5 people were from your family, would you have said anything ? " Damn you !
Another thing thats been irritating me is the phrase "Hindu Terror". What the hell ? There is no such thing as Hindu terror or Muslim terror as terrorism doesn't have any religion . If religion was part of that , as part of the recent attacks, there wouldn't have been 5 muslims, all from the same family, wouldn't have been killed in the railway station. Ridiculous nonsense!

Every now and then , we have so many people dying due to natural causes like floods , tsunami and earthquakes and now , to add to that we have these bomb blasts day in and day out . At this point of time,I can't think of what inhabitants in Kashmir/ Naxal areas might be going through daily.
I think the only thing that has happened because of this recent terrorist attack / other attacks in the past few months , is to bring in more equality amongst people of different classes in terms of thought - People in Kashmir , in North East, in the metros , will all have the same thought - " Will I stay alive to see another day?"