Saturday, May 06, 2006

Last day of college ! :(

Well I seriously have not yet realized that the last day is over .But the sad part is that it is over !! Had my breakdown during the AT night when I couldn't come in terms with these realizations !

After tomo(tomo - till college is there), I wont have the urgency in the morning to somehow go to college before the bell rings and most importantly RUN from the parking lot to the class, I will not be giving that old man 3 rupees nor will I fight with him for the sake of fun.

I will not be going to any of the classrooms in our dear dear block , none of the labs :( (not that this sem i went to 1 !! but the others did religiously !) ,there will not be any lab where last minute you try to seek for printouts (atleast in my case ! obviously exceptions like Garg are there !) or try to fudge some programs .

There won't be any bugging from the DC team to any of our mascots(specially nonem for the word) . There won't be any drawing on the board during the lunch breaks. There won't be anymore doubts asked by someone in class or there won't be any lecturer blasting our class or there won't be any jokes cracked in class(like it happened in Sommerville's class).

There will not be any more rushing around the corridoors for anything .There will not be the very very rare visits to the OAT :( .
In the morning if you visit after some days after you pass out ,while taking the normal route, you will see so many numerous gangs in the OAT where till now you have had so many known people to go and say a "hi" to !

Its all coming to an end and how fast have these 4 years gone by ! The very first day when neo's episode in VK's class was hilarious , those November rain days , the walk to GAT , the innumerable hilarious and crib moments in class , the exams(man !!! there is still one more set left ! ) , the Badminton days ,trying to look for chicks and not finding any , the Placements, me almost losing it in the test(that too ETM !!) when she sat next to me and i was "hazaar" shocked,all ATs - right from carrying chairs to participating and winning to waiting for food coupons to hog , the IIT trips, all meetings at dodo's place, all the after exam outings , all saturdays and sundays when we visited college - each special for different reasons , the celebrations and the dejections , the agony and the ecstacy , they were all there ! and This is what made this entire college stay soooooooooooo memorable.
Have forgotten zillions of other things - Please forgive.

Thanks to all amazing JANTA ,I have had a most memorable set of 4 years

All the best