Monday, October 29, 2007

Sir, you will be missed

The experience I had in 12 years of schooling in Baldwin boys wouldn't have been the same without Mr Mohan Murthy. An amazing person, a very dedicated teacher who knew his stuff well, an excellent speaker and a compere par excellence. Its indeed very sad that he passed away on Oct 25 this year. It definitely has come as a shock to most people .The last time I heard about him was on Orkut when in one of the columns, some old student had mentioned that he was not keeping well.

He served the school for 30 years in various capacities, right from a teacher who taught physics and maths excellently to a vice principal (even when I passed out) to principal.

He used to wear a wig which got him the very famous nickname "Motte" . His way of speaking was absolutely unique and his dialogues are etched in every Baldwinian's mind. He was a person who did not like students just mugging for exams or going for tuitions and believed in them learning right from the grass root levels. "Kaka bondas" from the famous kaka shop or referring to one of the tuition teachers, or talking about going to Timbuctoo or even quipping one liners like , "You wouldn't have passed ICSE even after your son would have done it" was very much part of the entire package.

I was fortunate to have been taught Physics in 10th and he was fantastic. He was very good at conducting classes as he used to regularly ask questions to check whether students did understand what he was speaking about !

His compering on most of the occasions was almost like understood and it came so naturally to him. I heard he was going to be honored this week in the Old Boys' meet but destiny had other ideas.

You will definitely be missed sir. May your soul rest in peace.