Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday in Sydney 2- Part 1.0

This is version 1.0 of the same blog . More of it coming up.I got up early this morning and after getting a routine(initially had typed in routing here!! GOD !) blasting from my cousin , I went out in the afternoon . Had a burger at St Leonards and then proceeded to Town Hall station in order to have a look at the famous aquarium that's here .This place is called Darling Harbour and its simply a breathtaking sight ! Once I walked into that place I saw a Hat and since I had this huge fascination for this kinda hat, I bought one !!!! I really felt very happy buying a hat ! Believe me ! Then I was about to go to the aquarium which is around 200 m from the shop where I bought this when suddenly fate had an interruption ! There was an elderly couple who were enquiring about a cruise and I suddenly remembered my colleague also talking about the cruise and there it was !!! In a flash , I bought a ticket and boarded a 2pm cruise !!!

The cruise funda works in a fundooooo way ! So it stops at around 4-5 places , all tourist attractions and every 45 mins there is a cruise that will pick up people from there ! The 1st stop was near the Opera House and I had a really wonderful time out there. I also had plans of visiting the zoo but could not as it suddenly began to pour!! Anyways, i spent my entire afternoon out here and it was a wonderful afternoon/early evening . The 1st pic was of an excited me in the new acquisition of mine :D.
This is the Sydney harbour bridge. By the way, tomo is the 75th anniversary of the bridge and around 200,000 people are expected to walk on the bridge. Will be heavily crowded !
This is a super thing that I saw. People standing right on top of the Harbour bridge with the flags out there. Very risky but I think its simply phenomenal .
This is a self clicked pic . I wanted one of the Bridge, my hat and my face in one pic in the cruise and hence this was special ! :D. Do check out the next few pics in the parts titled 1.1 and 2.0 ! Don't even think about why I did this kinda numbering ! Anyways, a very nice experience.

Saturday in Sydney 2- Part 1.1

Cool Saturday contd.The above pic of the cruise that I got into in order to go around the place. It was pretty costly but hugely worth the cost !
This guy was playing a very nice instrument with a weird sound but interesting definitely.
As is obvious, the above pic is of the waves which were so beautiful and natural.
After clicking so many pics of the Opera house , At last I was at this magnificent place .The structure is huge and it kind of gives you a "your very small in front of me" kind of feeling ! Awesome I must say.
This was me in front of the structure itself ! Had a really time out at this place. Security is always in place as can be expected from such a popular place. Part 2 coming up next....

Saturday in Sydney 2- Part 2

Contd. The next set of pics were more or less taken when it was raining pretty heavily. This one is a ship which takes in loads of cars and ships in from one city to another. It massive to look at and the no cars that go in is crazy. They make plenty of business off the Harbour.
Luna park was the last but one stop in the cruise. A typical "Fun world" kinda thing in Bangalore,kids pour into this place to have their share of fun . Very enjoyable indeed.
I hope all the company titles are visible. Many of the big wigs have one of their centers or their only center out here in North Sydney . These are all situated very close to the train station so that it becomes really easy in terms of the transportation . It was a great view. The clouds are also visible if one notices carefully.
This is generally one pic I took when it was raining and I was sitting in the cruise. It suddenly became really dark and began to pour. I was sitting at the point where I was waiting for the next cruise to come and pick us all up when it began to pour - not rain !
This is the Sydney harbour bridge in all its beauty in the rain. I always get some kinda goosebumps when I have a look at this wonderful structure. Tomo as I already said will be crowded and there is a forecast for heavy rains already ! But its gonna be great fun tomo.
This was my experience this saturday. Hopefully I will have more stuff to be put up in the near future. Adieu .

Thursday, March 15, 2007

My Spectacles and I

I had an unfortunate mishap which was about me landing on the spectacle frame and the right side of the frame getting totally screwed up . Am gonna put up a few pics to illustrate this . First one is my spectacles in its current shape . Sadly i dont have an old pic of the spectacles to say , "before" followed by "after" , but something is better than nothing ! The 2nd pic is of me trying to take a pic of myself with the spectacles. 3rd one is a bonus :D. The spectacle frame has right now been strapped on one side really tightly but there is no guarantee when it can break off !! Hoping for it to last as long as possible.

Monday, March 12, 2007

A Saturday in Sydney.

I had been to the Sydney Harbour on Saturday and it was an awesome experience. The joy of viewing such a huge structure which is intricate,magnificent and mind blowing cannot be expressed in words.The 1st pic was on top of Pylon Lookout,which is a building on the Harbour itself where the artefacts etc, are present.The picture has ,you guessed it, ME ,in the backdrop of Sydney Harbour Bridge(SHB). The next pic is one of the ancient paintings that have been preserved out there. The bridge took close to 7 years and 8 months to complete. 16 people died during the time the bridge was built. Sydney did not have too many job opportunities in the 1920s when this was built and hence the building kinda saved the economy of Sydney.
The following picture is of general janta taking a walk, or jogging along the bridge.
The picture beneath gives you a good view of North Sydney. Sydney Harbour Bridge is located at Milsons Point and the interesting point is that the station itself is on the bridge. You can imagine how huge the structure is !!!
With the following picture, I have made a comeback :-) . This is in the backdrop of yet another outstanding structure , the Sydney Opera House.
This is another scincillating view of the Sydney Opera House.
The picture below is some kinda testament that has been etched out on the walls of the Harbour and it captures the details about the Bridge.

The last picture above gives you a sight of the cars and railway track on the beautiful roads of Sydney Bridge.This reemphasizes the fact that this is so massive !

I had a wonderful time visiting this place. Shall post other pictures soon enough ! Till then adieu . Thanks for viewing and do leave a comment !