Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali!

Wish you all a very very happy diwali ! Diwali - the festival of lights is meant to light up the lives of people. (Even during the Economy crisis!) . People still bought new stuff ,people still bought crackers, ppl still ate all the sweets that they would have wanted to have , people also visited friends and family to wish them .

An interesting angle to Diwali that I read recently in newspapers was how people were suggesting to the Ambani brothers that they should forget the enemity and go and give the other brother a hug during Diwali coz' as the saying goes, "if it doesn't happen during Diwali, then it won't happen !" (Well , I came up with this copyrighting it anyways). Having witnessed quite a few of these personal fights between different sets of ppl in close quarters and also been involved in such periods of no communication, it kinda felt good there were ppl who actually suggested that the brothers should celebrate Diwali together.

But then if you look at it logically, how can 2 people who have been fighting for ages , forget
everything that has gone on for the past few years and go ahead and patch up ? Sounds totally ridiculous. If such things cannot and don't happen within friends and even members of a family when its just the ego that comes in between the way, leave alone crores of rupees and countless other instances, how can anyone even think of such a thing happening ? Again , Diwali is a festival where logic etc can be kept aside.

I have had friends telling me at later points of time that they thought of wishing me during Diwali(but they didn't call on the day!) but atleast if you trust that part, the thought of wishing someone whom you fought with or with whom you don't want to keep in touch with , is something that probably makes you feel good about.

I don't know whether the Ambani brothers wished each other as yet, ( if they do , I am sure it will make the headlines! So , I think as of now ,they haven't) , but as a normal person , I would like to say that whether Ambanis wish each other or not, other people atleast should give it a thought . If ego is the only barrier, try keeping it aside for 10 mins and go and wish that person. A simple call can solve matters. A simple wish can make a huge difference. A simple thought can make you and the other person happy. After all , Diwali is also about spreading happiness and love .....

Happy Diwali.