Monday, February 25, 2008

Bha and Bha - United!

After loads of struggle, my dear friends from college, Bhaskar and Bharati got married today. It was just one amazing day to just be there at their wedding .

Seldom has their been so much struggle and so much tension and so much of love - all complicated ingredients combining into one supremely valued end dish - marriage ! Imagine - a guy writing an entire book of poems for this girl. Thats just one of the small examples of what all has happened and this also proves that even today, inter caste marriages are a taboo in many Indian families and it requires lots of guts to go out of the way and marry.

The marriage was performed in a completely traditional Iyengari manner with tinges of Bengali color added for completing some traditional rituals. One of the first times I witnessed a wedding where the Purohit spoke throughout in English with the guy since the guy did not know any south Indian language! When the day began, we were wondering how will this guy go through the rituals in the required attire("Panche")! But he did so with great panache even though there was some nakhra here and there. We were thoroughly impressed that he did it so seriously .Was it because the girls' relatives were there ? We might never know the answer, but definitely there was a marked sincerity in all that he did !!! The girl was as patient as patience could be. Looking wonderfully pretty and doing all that was to be done with such ease and elegance, she definitely charmed the guy that bit more today( Not that it was really required!).

Friends from college, colleagues from office and close family members added the necessary charm to the proceedings and it was one awesome day to remember for the rest of my life! We had a wonderful time, since we jabbered from morning till night nonstop and had one of those absolutely "fun days" as one friend generally puts it. Looking forward to all the photos and videos.

Meanwhile . Here's wishing Bha and Bha a very very very happy married life!!!!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Vague and Weird

As I sit and watch my Laptop screen,
I wonder why I sit and see
I wonder why I can't do something better
I wonder why is it that things don't work!

Thinking of a situation and wanting to know the truth about it,
I wonder whether I will ever be able to unravel it,
I wonder why it is so challenging,
I wonder why it isn't as easy as it seems.

Complicated and confused, Worried and tensed
I wonder who defined these words,
I wonder why it defined what it defined,
I wonder why a situation makes someone so.

To these I found no answers,
I wonder what keeps people going
I wonder why I want to contemplate
I wonder why its not simple.

Hope and trust, Strength and courage,
I wonder if these qualities spurs people,
I wonder whether these will finally win over and wipe out the darkness
I wonder and hope that this will finally be victorious!