Sunday, August 13, 2006

Dont know what to title this !

Well, as I begin to write this entry, myriad thoughts have struck me.Let me see where this post ends up!
Sunday morning is something that I adore coz' I get to get up at whatever time I want.But today ,got up pretty early by normal standards and by 10.15 ,I was in Urvashi theater with my mother and my cousin and her family for what was a "different" movie by the most popular director in India arguably,Karan Johar.

As the credits rolled on,the impressive first scenes with the dream star cast(in Hindi movies) gave me lot of hopes about this.But if only the credits alone determined how the entire movie was.
The story(was there a story ?) was "different" surely according to Karan Johar's standards. All that I can say at the end of the movie I was wondering what he was thinking.Let me come to why I think this was the case.

The positives first(not too many anyways) : Super sceneries(which you could have got in New York postcards too!),Amitabh Bacchhan - he is THE actor out there,his Casanova act was wonderful I thought,the junior Bacchhan who was brilliant at times,some thought provoking scenes (far and few in between) and a ballet show that you know you can witness if you go visit New York!

Well ,one of the first things that I realized after the movie was that the length of the movie was terribly irritating.3 hours and 10 mins .GOD!! He could have cut out atleast 30 mins !! I was like I dont want to watch any more hindi movies.Total frustration coz' the movie goes on and on and on.....

The movie revolves around 2 couples (did you say happy ? NO WAY !) , Shahrukh and Preity, Rani and Abhishek and how their failed marriages "inspires" if I may say infidelity. I shall not write too much about the story coz' you might all have read about it somewhere else.

Shahrukh Khan disappoints completely . I just couldn't tolerate his performance in most of the scenes.What happened to King Khan? Rani looks good but somehow not good enough. Preity looks and acts but her role ain't that big.

Some of the really good scenes that I spoke earlier about :

a.( am putting letters here ,coz' I can count them !!!) Shahrukh waiting with a bouquet of flowers and both the leading women walking across the road towards him.
b. The party organised by Big B for the 2 couples and Kirron kher.
c. The scene where Preity shows that she is a really strong woman .(shall not give out more)
d. Small B's reaction when he comes to know about Shahrukh and Rani's affair.
e. Big B in hospital .

That is it !! Well, I was wondering as to why this was my reaction.Was I thinking that this kinda thing can never happen in Indian society where we talk of values and tradition? When I dug deeper,I realised that this was infact true,but the movie could have been slick and faster and the actors could have performed much better
and more importantly, the script could have been much better. Apart from that,the gaudy sets and trendy designer clothes could have been done without.

I realize that the way I have written this is not very orderly .Please forgive me for that .It just shows my state of mind after watching the movie !

A couple of other things that I thought about : If people who are about to get married watch this, then they will get depressed. If newly weds watch this ,they will be very careful with what they do .If old people watch it ,they surely won't like it ,coz' Infidelity is something that they cannot dream of or atleast in most places,
this concept is totally taboo.

Well ,all in all, I think I could have spent my Sunday better probably catching up with more sleep or even going to office !!!!And one more thing,its not the greatest thing sitting next to your mother while watching a movie like this !!One last point,Karan Johar's movies are all hits ,so you never know ,this might STILL turn out to be a hit !!!