Saturday, May 24, 2008

A late Friday evening post

I just felt like writing in a space that I hold dear and to my heart since its my space! The week started off with us losing a close cricket match to TCS by 2 weeks on a rainy Sunday afternoon far away from the din and dust of the city . There were positives from the game but we landed up on the losing side . Hope it doesn't repeat again in this tournament.

New issues popped up at the work place during the week and had decent set of calls and some amount of slogging to do before things looked brighter . So the week ended on an upbeat note with a cricket match to follow.

Also got a chance to read this book ,"3 mistakes of my life" , from the writer , who my cousin thinks is my favorite English author - Chetan Bhagat. I didn't like it as much as I did 5 point someone and also gave me the idea that any person can actually become an author if he has a nice story to tell and someone can publish it . The story is woven around these 3 friends and set in the backdrop of Gujarat . One of the reasons why this book might be a hit is because it covers lot of things that happened during the 2000-2002 period including the Bhuj earthquake , the India Aussie test series and the Godhra incident. I would call it a time pass book and I liked a few sections of it for its sense of wry humor but definitely not as good as 5 point someone .

Chats with friends, gyaan sharing with friends , eating lovely mangoes apart from work formed the remaining content of this week. And yes, I forgot , I played TT with this guy today and he was so exceptionally good . I haven't been beaten that way for ages now . The table was cranky as well as it was broken but even with that he beat me big time . Told him will play him another time but today he beat me outright.

Oh ya, how can I forget IPL ? A match a day keeps the doctor away ? Well some of them have turned out to be crackers . I also felt really happy that Royal Challengers Blore finally won and maybe that would signal our team's win as well in tomo's game. Apart from that felt sad Mumbai lost in a last ball thriller .Didn't watch the remaining games as I didn't feel like watching them !

I got bored writing this entry and I am sure you got bored reading as well . Will blog something more interesting next time! cheers.

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